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Amazing Vaseline Hacks For Everyday Use

Hey Guys,

We all must have heard about Vaseline Petroleum Jelly & obviously used it someday, but many of you think that it is useful only during winters.


So, here in this post, I will be telling you about how it can be used for everyday purposes, you can use it throughout the year in so many different ways. Vaseline is basically a white petroleum & it is thick, transparent white jelly, having a smooth texture. Generally, people use it in winters to protect lips & skin from cold weather & drying, you might not know but Vaseline jelly can be used in so many other wonderful ways.

I have listed some of its hacks & so keep it in your bag because you never know it can be useful to you anytime, anywhere –

  • You can apply Vaseline around the corner of nails while painting & nail polishing, it will help you in the prevention of painting outside your nail. So, it will ensure that you have perfectly manicured & painted nails.

  • If you want your old dull shoes/sneakers to shine & keep them protected from any stain/dust than just dab & apply a thin layer of Vaseline jelly all over your footwear, it will make them clean & shiny resisting dirt.

  • You can apply Vaseline to your eyelashes & eyebrows to make them look even & longer.

  • If you wish for soft feet without cracks than apply Vaseline to your heel, feet & wear socks covering them overnight, see the magic in the morning!

  • You don’t need to buy costly lip scrub & exfoliator for your lips, just take a small amount of Vaseline jelly & apply on your lips & run a normal toothbrush lightly, your lips will become super soft.

  • You can create your very own lip-gloss with Vaseline, just take any of your favourite colour blush, mix a little bit of Vaseline & tadaa! Your lip-gloss is ready.

  • With Vaseline, you can make the smell of your perfume last longer than usual, for that just rub it on wrist, neck, back of your ear & spray your desired perfume onto applied jelly & you can rock your day with favourite fragrance!

  • Having an embarrassing problem for your lipstick staining your teeth every time, don’t worry! Just dab a little bit of Vaseline on your teeth & your lipstick won’t stick/stain your teeth instead it will add to your shine & you can neatly smile!

  • If you want to massage your body but massage oils are finished or don’t have it, then fret not, Vaseline jelly will do the task for you!

  • If you are someone who doesn’t buy makeup remover or need it urgently but don’t have it right away with you, then Vaseline jelly is your alternative, it works as a great makeup remover while being super gentle on skin.

  • Post-shaving, to soothe your skin & tame any razor cuts, apply Vaseline liberally all over the shaved area, your skin will feel better & helps in healing much faster.

  • If you want glossy or shiny eyeshadow effect, just dab a bit of Vaseline over your eyeshadow after its done & there you are good to rock in any party!

  • If your earring/ring doesn’t fit easily, apply Vaseline over your finger & it will be easy to roll & fit!

  • If you have any permanent tattoos, you can apply Vaseline over it & it will help in healing quicker & protect your tattoo from any infection or bleed.

  • If you are colouring/dying your hair, apply Vaseline along your hairline to prevent the colour from staining your skin. Such a saviour!


Alright! these were all-time smart & useful Vaseline hacks, which you can definitely try anytime! Now as you know the oh-so-many uses of Vaseline, you can always carry it with you for easy & hassle-free life!

P.s – This is not a sponsored post.

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Take care & don’t forget to use Vaseline throughout the year!

– Riddhi Jhala

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