A-Z – Ultimate Blogging Guide!

Everything you need to know about for an amazing blog!

Hello readers!

Hope you all are doing great! In today’s post, I am decoding blogging tips that I have learnt through my blogging journey of 2yrs! In case you have noticed there are not many posts on my blog right now it is because I did a terrible mistake of having no backup and transferring my blog hosting. Unfortunately, I lost all my data and so, I learnt a life lesson! Nevermind you grow only when you learn.

I don’t want you to do the same mistake as I did and these days I have noticed increasing demand for blogging, so I thought to share tips and things you need to know about ‘Blogging’ before you kickstart your very own blog or if you already have one then you might want to supercharge your knowledge with useful guide.

so, here is the Complete Blogging Guide – Go on, Read it and Get your blog going!

Active– be active, even if you are slow, stay steady and keep going. everything will get better with time.

Apps – use some resourceful applications like Evernote, Snapseed, VSCO, Preview, for various things like editing pictures, jotting ideas on the go, designing creative for the post and advance planning for your Instagram picture.

Backup – Backup is very important. I repeat it is the most necessary thing that you need to have for your blog! I lost all my previous files and data because I didn’t have any backup and I wasn’t aware of anything as such, but please always keep a general backup. you should not repeat the same mistake I did else, in the end, it is your loss.

Content – content is the key to your blog success! Remember, no one loves reading boring stuff or repeated things. Do not replicate or try to follow someone, be original and stick to your personal style. your style is what speaks for you!

Creative – being creative is a must! Your creativity is what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. It shows your imagination and skills, so let your inner creativity flow in your writing, pictures, videos and posts.

Do Your Research– before writing about a specific product or expressing a view on brand, make sure you do a thorough research on the topic and then post. Remember your post has to be honest. Also, make sure to proofread before posting to correct errors and spelling mistakes, cuz at the end of the day your readers won’t be impressed with your mistakes.

Declutter – declutter your blog site of unnecessary plugins, themes, post and spam. It will help in loading your site speed and increasing your google analytics rank. Do it once in a while.

Engagement – engagements will increase gradually. Be patient, don’t expect your post to speed up in a day, keep a track on your viewers profile and do check which post gets maximum engagement and try to post more such related content.

Follow – your mind shouldn’t be limited or closed to a group. Follow and subscribe to other blogs and read, read, read. This way you can get more inspiration and topics to write about.

Growth –  with your blog, your personal growth is Important. Learn new things, try to imply them, schedule your tasks and plan on a daily basis. Do not procrastinate your work, I would say drink more coffee, tea or whatever but at the end of the day finish the work.

Happy post – spread happiness. Do not just write your post for the heck of it, give it a personal touch, try to add some personal details like your unforgettable moment, favourite food, currently reading – kind of things to add emotional value to your post. This way your readers will get to feel you while reading.

Invest – If you are dead serious about blogging and want to make it to the top, you need to Invest in some essential things like web developer, SEO master, they can help you build your site from scratch and customise it accordingly. Always think about your blog as a long-term gain and so, invest in your domain name, hosting, etc.

Instagram – Instagram is one of the biggest and most influential social media these days, you can post any of your creative content and use hashtags for more traction. I would say definitely use it, post your new articles and you can get more followers directed to your blog. You can explore other blogger’s feed and contact them for a guest post or cross promotion. You can host giveaways and make your social media journey more interesting.

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JPG or JPEG – always use JPG image, it is simply a file for compressing information within a photo. This file format is easy and would be coded everywhere. so, be it on your blog or anywhere use this file format for more ease.

Keywords – keywords are like the ingredients in your recipe, if you want to eat healthy food, you check for certain ingredients in your food, right? Similarly, the reader will come across your blog through the keywords in your post and they will read only if the information matches their search. So, make sure you add appropriate and right keywords to your post.

Long post– for a post to rank high in google search engine, the word length shouldn’t be less than 1000, short ones don’t get more traction. So, try to write a medium size article with 700-800 words, write relevant content and make sure it is not repetitive.

Media kit – for a blogger, media kit contains all their statistics and social media analytics combined together, it is important to have one, when you get a collaboration opportunity or you seek out a collaboration, you need to present your media kit.

  • If you want to create your own free media kit, Let me know I would love to help you! 

Niche – find your niche, write on a particular area like fashion, food, lifestyle, fitness, technology, education, travel, etc. You should select the area of your interest or expertise. This way it will be easier for you to research and write on various topics.

Organise – organise your blog post with numbers or points, it makes it easy for readers to check and don’t forget to organise your work as well. If your work is not organised, your life will be a mess of so many things, stick to a career or life goal and just hustle and go for it! skip your parties or hangouts for now and just focus on work, I guarantee you, in the long run, It’ll be worth it!

Positivity– always be positive, this is the key to win your readers. Negative things won’t run long instead spread good vibes, add happy, funny stories in your article and it will add a personal touch to your story and will be appreciated.

Plugins – add plugins to enhance performance and security of the blog. Plugins will optimize your blog and keep it safe. There are various plugins available, just don’t overload or else it’ll make your site loading slow! Only add the Important ones.

Passion –  ‘one should always follow passion’, I say this every time, so by now, you should really follow!

you should only choose to blog if it is your passion and not just for the sake of getting free goodies, remember it isn’t all fancy as you see on social media, a lot of things goes behind the scenes and as a blogger we are all in one – writer, editor, stylist, photographer, content creator, social-media savvy, multi-tasker and what not!

Quality Over Quantity– Quality is important rather than quantity, so focus on quality than just adding to more number of posts. If you write quality posts it will be worth it. quality is what sets you apart, everyone can identify a gem amongst the stones. isn’t it?

Reach – Check your blog Insights through google analytics or Jetpack, it’ll show your post reach wherein all the data will be shown to you. This way you can keep a track and improve on your weak points.

Raw – Once in a while your post should be raw, not sponsored or affiliated with anything. Also, the theme of your blog should be matching to your post, you shouldn’t write a beauty post on recipe blog template or write a travel post on the business template, I hope you understand what I am trying to say, so right theme and raw post is important for your blog.

SEO – SEO is search engine optimization, to rank your article higher on a google search it is necessary to optimize your SEO, you can even take up a course for SEO marketing and analytics or just watch few YouTube videos to learn basics of SEO. Remember, The more you learn, the better your blog will perform.

Trendy– if you write on fashion or beauty, then you need to be trendy and keep up with latest trends and collection, remember no one would love to read about something that is chewed or they already know, write on topics which will make readers curious to know more. Keep it interesting!

Time Management – managing your time is necessary, even if you are having a job and blogging part-time, you need to spare few hours to your passion, you shouldn’t give excuses, if you want to do it, go and grind for it! you need to work really hard to get far, as I always say ‘blogging’ isn’t just about clicking pictures or posting on social media, the real work which needs to be done is much more. So, spare few hours every day or weekly to create good content and write a blog post.

Update – keep your blog site, plugins and posts updated. If you are updating a theme kindly check if it suits your blog, go ahead only if it does. Don’t blindly update everything as it can cause bug/error to your blog and if you aren’t a technical person, you’ll go crazy to find and fix it yourself! So, check carefully then update.

Versatile Theme – If you are a WordPress user, there are lot of themes available to create your blog site, if you are a beginner always choose a theme which you can easily customize because at first it’ll be hard to learn everything at once, it took me around 2 years to learn every small detail and I made so many mistakes. So, if your theme would be minimal and easy to customize, you will be less confused and learn quickly!

Vlogging – If you feel expressing your vivid thoughts through writing isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe you should start vlogging, it basically means making videos, so you can speak and express yourself loud through videos and share on YouTube. It is a very good way and actually, people enjoy watching videos more than they read blogs! So, you better know what to do now!

Website – to create a blog you need to have a platform, most popular platforms are WordPress, blogger or creating your own personal website with Winkl or another platform. Initially, you can choose a good free platform and start blogging, I choose my platform as WordPress and later when you gain more viewers and are really performing good, you can purchase your own domain name and start self-hosted site.

I hope this blog post helped you!

What are you waiting for now? Start your blogging journey right now and get your creative mind to work!

and if you already have your blog, do follow all of the points so, you can get your blog to be bigger and better!

If you have any questions or want to know more about a certain topic, feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help!

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