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My Blog

I have my blog since 2015, back then it was just about mixed passion towards fashion and writing during free time, gradually I got more interested in it and I realised science isn’t my cup of tea, but being grown up I always thought of pursuing my passion and turning it into life career and so, here is my journey on blog, showing you my love by spilling my heart in terms of everything that I write about, be it reviews, styling advice, to general talks, everything that can make you feel good, pretty and inspire someone to follow their dreams and enjoy life to your fullest!

My Story

From being a science student to a Blogger, I have learnt so much during my switching journey! holding Bachelor’s Degree In Microbiology, yet It’s useless as I’m following my heart and taking career risk through blogging and content writing unlike the usual boring human to go for the 9-5 job life.

I realised my calling in lifeBLOGGING.

I love Fashion, Beauty, Food, Lifestyle and everything that makes Life more interesting to live.

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