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Spring Fashion Bloom!

Hey Readers,

Spring is here and so Am I,

‘Always Bloom where you are planted’

Even with spring season coming to an end, summer has already started, now let’s get ready to face the blazing heat!

I know it is late but still, I have compiled spring fashion outfit post,

Spring season is all about floral print and it is one of my favourite trends!

I picked this spring/summer outfit from Atmosphere, it is very cute and has flower print all over the outfit

Spring season is all about blooming and opening up to new changes in your life, you shouldn’t adhere to same particular belief or habit, you can see everything around, it is constantly changing right from season to people, isn’t it? well, it is seen that people change in most uncertain ways and with every moment, your mind is an infinite force full of ideas, thoughts, desires and feelings. It needs full-fledged answers, contentment, satisfaction and so many other things which aren’t controlled. Your mind is affected by environment and people with whom you spend most of your time. So, be careful and picky about how and with whom you spend your most precious time with! Remember time lost cannot be regained, it will only serve as a memory for a lifetime, either good or bad again only time will tell.

Every day we rise and set our goals, every day we should challenge ourselves to something but do not sit idle, start by challenging to complete little things like making a to-do-list, exercising for 15 mins, writing a new post, managing housework, etc. slowly and gradually you will feel accomplished. you might be knowing that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ we need to climb small steps in order to reach the top of the mountain, you cannot know your real inner strength if you haven’t ever travelled on a rough path. Each and everything that is going on right now in your life is only going to make you better and stronger with time! So, everyday wake up feeling energetic in the morning and challenge to take on your day and at night be grateful for every little thing that made you happy like example – if you ate your favourite food, had a good hair day, unexpectedly met some of your friends, received compliments, etc. I hope you get my point!

Also, I wanted to tell you guys “Choose Happiness Over Anything”

Flourish in a world of your own making, one of Love, peace and harmony! Happiness and love are the ultimate motives of life, without ‘em you are barely living your life! Happiness should be felt in your soul and if you aren’t feeling happy reading this, then question yourself what are you supposed to do with your life that will make you happy? Seek for happiness, it is totally worth it!

Spring is all about blooming like a flower and radiating happy vibes!

Try to understand and follow this pattern with everything that doesn’t make you happy

Change-Grow-Grateful-Love-Peace=Happy Life

Alright, so this was about the spring post!

Talking about fashion, the spring season is all about floral, pastel, lace patterns.

I have styled a floral skater dress which has white flowers on it, I absolutely love it! it looks great on me and you can wear it to brunch/lunch or movie date.

To keep it elegant, I have paired it up with nude flat bellies and as I wanted to keep accessories minimal I have just worn silver neckpiece and silver mirror sunglasses.

check out my pictures –

Clicked By Parth Prajapati.

Do you know our skin has undertones – warm and cool!

I have a cool undertone and so, I prefer wearing silver as it suits more and makes my skin radiant. Golden colour suits people having warm undertones,

If you don’t know about skin undertones, let me know I will help you out!

Alright, then enjoy blooming vibes of the season before scorching heatwave attacks and don’t forget to be happy and spread positivity!

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Do check Shein Spring/summer lookbook

See you until next post!

Riddhi Jhala

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