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Kal Ho Na Ho, What can we learn from the song 15 years later!


Kal Ho Na Ho,

What Can We Learn from The Song 15 Years Later

Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi,

Chaav hai kahi hai dhoop zindagi;

Har pal yahan jee bhar jiyo

Jo hai samakal ho na ho

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How meaningful are these beautiful lines from SRK’s hit movie Kal Ho Na Ho released back in 2003? Now 15 years later, I can relate to this more than ever as a professional in my twenties who has lost a few pieces of my spontaneity and enthusiasm for life. Life doesn’t really go on forever, it’s more unpredictable than you think!

Given the modern-day charade of keeping up with appearances, we all get eventually lost in worldly translations. Thanks to ours at times meaningless ambition to outdo our peers and get hold of everything money can buy, we have succumbed to the sleep-wake-work-repeat routine very deeply! Our life is now monotonous; we have way too many inhibitions in our life!

Gone are the days when I was spontaneous and not as self-conscious about all aspects of my life. After I started working, I started neglecting everything else that my heart desired. I slowly stopped socializing to the point of becoming a recluse. I used to make promises to friends about catching up over the weekend and ended up sleeping in. There were so many things I wanted to try and so many things I wanted to have, but all my desires were flushed down the drain thanks to my own apprehensions.


The Truth About Pop Culture

Many write-ups on the Internet tell you about having a plan in place at all times for achieving true success, but the truth is that much of our life’s cherished moments are unplanned and impulsive. Many write-ups also fail to highlight the fact that life is short, and you just can’t wait to do all that you’d ever wanted to do!

Tick Off the Ifs and Buts

And no, I’m not asking you to be unrealistic and quit your job and sit home fulltime, all I’m saying is that we need to start living every moment as if it were the last for us. We need to let go of all the ‘what Ifs and buts’ if we want to make the most of our time.

Because Why Not?

Just the other day I was wondering if I should get some new furniture for my rental apartment. My landlord was kind enough to give me their old bed. But sadly, that’s not enough, especially when I have my parents or friends over. After much self-argument over the practicality of owning furniture as a single someone so early in life, I was like ‘why the hell not!’

Money was a problem, but I was still enthusiastic! So, I get on my laptop and start searching aggressively for great furniture deals. That’s when I chanced upon a company that rented out furniture. Their deals were affordable, and their catalogue was gorgeous. It didn’t take me long to order myself a comfy recliner and a double bed!

Since I would #SmartlyOwn them on #SubscriptionLifestyle, money and ownership wouldn’t be a problem either, not to forget the immense joy I felt in finally doing something that I’d wanted to get done for so long.

This is just a very small example of how we need to start doing what we want to right here right now! We aren’t going to live forever, so why wait?

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Make a list of all those trips you wanted to take and all the things you wanted to do, because, as SRK puts it, Kal Ho Na Ho!

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– By Riddhi Jhala

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