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How To Edit Pictures Like A Pro? The Step By Step Guide To Get Flawless Pictures

Hey guys,

Pictures capture our life-changing moments, isn’t it?

We have thousands of memories attached with pictures.

As for me, I like to capture pictures on my phone, currently, I use One Plus 5.

I don’t have any DSLR or other professional camera equipment, even if I had I wouldn’t be able to carry it everywhere as I find it too heavy.

so, I usually prefer my phone to capture most of my pictures.

at the end of the day, your picture speaks for you so make sure it is bright, sharp and vivid.

I was requested by many about how I edit my pictures and so, I made this post!

In this blog post, I will be sharing few tricks with which you can click and edit your pictures to make it flawless!

The perfect picture is more of an illusion, as it literally takes a lot of time, effort and editing to get that one picture which you see on your social media.

I am not a photographer or professional but I do follow few tricks to get a good picture.

Some of the basic and important things which you need to follow while clicking pictures are

  • Light source lightning is most important as you don’t want dark and ugly pictures, I always try to shoot early in the morning or in evening around 4-5 as that’s when you get natural and appropriate amount of sunlight, as for flatlay I try to click it in noon as I want bright light and no shadows.

  • Location for location, always try to shoot outdoor as you can get good backgrounds and ample amount of light. if you are lazy and don’t want to go outside, try clicking on the terrace or outside your house, I always do that ? Also, choose monotone backdrops to make the subject of the picture stand out and your background should be selected as such that it will complement your subject.

  • Angle the angle is really important while you are clicking the picture. firstly, you need to know which face cut of yours look sharp and suits you more, you need to know some of the basic angles to make your picture stand out. if you are short, try clicking from a lower angle or from a ground angle, it will instantly uplift your height, if you want to show your face, try capturing your face from the side as it will make your jawline stand out, for the detailed outfit picture try to click from a top angle. try these different angles and see the difference it makes to your picture.

  • Subject – the focus of the picture should be on the main subject, so make sure you place it accordingly and do not divert the subject.

Now try clicking pictures with the above tips and note the difference it makes to your picture, but still, your picture is incomplete without editing, so you need to put in a little more effort to get that flawless picture.

For the editing part, I use some of the basic free applications on my phone and it is very simple to use and you get great results!

I have seen many people using VSCO, but I’m not a huge fan of it, It is only good if you want to set a proper theme for all your pictures.

I personally use applications like Snapseed and Picsart to edit my pictures, I love it because they are free to use and cover almost every option and need. Also, very simple and quick to use.

For professional editing or raw DSLR pictures I like to use Photoshop and Lightroom,  these applications are free and work wonderfully! it gives your picture that neat detailing while giving you the dash of perfect colour tone.

Most of the times I use Snapseed, I will tell you some of the options which I regularly use and my go-to editing style.

Editing Menu Of Snapseed Application

1- Tune Image – I increase the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, highlights and shadows. I don’t change the warmth.

2 –Details I like to increase the structure and sharpen in a subtle amount around +15 it gives your picture that sharp and crisp tone.

3 – Vintage I tend to use filter – 9, 11 or 12 and the whole tone of the picture is changed by using this filter.

4- HDR scape +10 I only tune a bit for my personal photos, for food pictures I like to increase it around +35

5 – Grainy Film Adding slight grain will make your picture lively and not just boring! I tend to use +5 grain.

6 – Lens Blur This option is again wonderful and I need it many times when I want the focus of the picture on me/main object and blur the background or the side objects, I like to keep it natural and so, I don’t heavily blur.

7 – Healing For all you people wondering how I get Flawless pictures? or How my background is always minimal and clean? I use healing in almost every edited picture, I remove facial spots, pimples or things like garbage, people and dirty wall spots! so, Basically this Tool does magic to your picture, You can remove/retouch anything be it the smallest or biggest of things which you don’t want in your picture!

Shhh! now you know the secret to my flawless looking pictures! so, what are you waiting for? Go download the Snapseed application and try it for yourself! 

You can thank me later!

Also, On a side note – Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, It is absolutely fine to have blemishes, pimple and scars, we all should love our natural skin and Please keep this in mind – all the pictures you see of Celebs, Influencers, Bloggers on social media are edited to some or the other bit, so, don’t compare yourselves to anyone or get low about anything! From this post, I do not intend to teach – how you should use filters, retouch to look more beautiful and The most Important thing Is Each one of you reading this is ‘BEAUTIFUL‘ and You should know it!

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