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All You Need To Know About – Dermavive Lotion & Neutriderm Cream.

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As we all know Skincare is important, it reflects our healthy body and so taking care of our skin is a must.

Dermavive and Neutriderm

I am always concerned when it comes to using various skin care products and I only trust few brands, I recently came across an Australian brand – Dermavive and Neutriderm, I have been using the products and I genuinely love its effect on my skin so, I thought to share a detailed review of the same. so, go on and check it out!

DERMAVIVE Moisturising lotion:

The Dermavive cream is specially formulated for dry skin conditions. It is made up of natural colloidal oatmeal and contains Avena sativa seed powder.

It is a pH balanced, non-greasy and fast-absorbing cream, it maintains and balances the normal skin pH,unlike ordinary chemical soaps and cream which causes dryness.

Packaging – It comes in an outer box designed with a blue-white colour and has all the essential information printed on the box as well as on the tube. The cream comes in a travel-friendly plastic tube packaging with flip flop cap. so, it’s easy to carry on the go, it is travel-friendly.

My Take on it – I love to use Dermavive cream for my dry body parts like elbow and knee post-shower, I just take a coin size amount, apply liberally over the dry area and massage for around 30 seconds, It indeed absorbs quick, doesn’t feel greasy and the skin feels even and smooth, with regular usage I definitely noted the change in my skin it was no longer dry! My dad uses it post-shaving and he loves it! so, its really helpful in retaining skin moisture and helps to calm the irritated skin.

Also, I love the fact that it is free from fragrance, parabens and lanolin.

It Retails for Rs 800 for 120ml, It’s worth it!

You can buy it from here – DERMAVIVE

NEUTRIDERM Skin Whitening Crème:

Firstly, I believe that one should always be confident and comfortable in our skin tone whether it is wheatish, brown or black, it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful in your own ways, you should not be white/fair to appeal to anyone.

Secondly, there is a difference in skin whitening and lightening, the whitening is when you use specific product/undergo surgery for lightening of your entire skin be it spotted or not, so that’s when you want to be fair/wheatish tone (ex: Michael Jackson underwent surgery for his skin whitening) while skin lightening is a process when you want some specific skin area with issues like pigmentation, spots to be treated and have light skin tone. So, don’t confuse the two.

The Neutriderm cream is specially formulated for skin lightening, though it is just named as skin whitening. so, It is not the usual fair n lovely cream types which advertise for whitening of your colour tone!

Neutriderm helps in the lightening of the tan/dark skin tone. So, it is useful when you have returned from your beach vacation all tanned up or you have any specific part like knees, knuckles which are darker than usual or If you have any facial spots/blemishes/hyperpigmentation, you can use it to lighten it.

Packaging – It comes in an outer box designed with a golden-cream colour and has all the essential information printed on the box as well as on the tube. The cream comes in a travel-friendly plastic tube packaging with flip flop cap. so, its travel-friendly and easy to use on the go.

My Take on it – I haven’t used it on my face but I have used it for more than a week on my elbow(pigmented skin area), I didn’t find any major change in skin tone but my skin texture is improved. I haven’t used it for spot/blemish so, I can’t really tell if it’ll completely let go of it or not, but I am sure it will fade with regular usage. As it is a topical multifunctional anti-oxidant and it contains ‘Tetrahydrocurcum’ which effectively helps in skin lightening, It has a silky texture and easy to absorb formula, it doesn’t have any irritating or strong fragrance but it does leave a decent smell for about an hour which will gradually fade away. I would recommend you to use it if you have pigmentation/hyper-pigmentation problem.

It Retails for Rs 1850 for 50g I feel it is on the expensive side.

You can buy it from here – NEUTRIDERM

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