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Herbal Strategi – For a clean, safe and better home everyday!

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This time let’s talk about home, home is where the heart is’, isn’t it?

Everyone loves neat and clean things, no one likes to stay in a dusty/dirty place, when it comes to our personal care we take so much of time and effort to keep ourselves well-groomed but when it comes to our home we tend to get lazy!

In today’s post, I will be discussing – Herbal Strategi and their products!

Most of the home cleaning/improving products have lots of chemicals and so, they aren’t safe to use especially if you have kids in your home. So, we should choose products carefully which would be good and safe to use!

Herbal Strategi is a Peta certified brand and they have vegan, 100% natural products which are free from artificial ingredients. They provide high-quality herbal products to ensure good health, clean home and healthy pet without using harmful chemicals in your daily life.

I tried many different products from Herbal Strategi and here is my short review.

The products which I tried are

  • Herbal Strategi Nature Spray Room Disinfectant and Freshener –

Variants: lemon, rose, lavender, sandal, white lily.

I got the whole set, I love the fact that it is room disinfectant + freshener + Insect repellent combined, It is so easy to use, all you need to do is spray it upwards in the air, It removes stale and musty odour and leaves behind a spa-like refreshing feeling! The fragrances are great, I especially loved the lavender, white lily and rose. It comes in a transparent sleek plastic bottle with different colours according to the variant.

It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to use even with children around.

I love to use it on an everyday basis in the morning, fragrance stays for around 3-4 hours, It leaves a mild smell and freshness all over the room. I will definitely recommend you to try it!

It is priced at Rs 995 for 5 variant pack of 250ml

Individual bottle is priced at Rs 199 for 250ml

  • Herbal Strategi Kitchen cleaner spray and floor cleaner – a cleaner is a must for everyday cleaning of the house, most people tend to use phenyl and other such chemical bound cleaners, but they aren’t safe

The floor cleaner is perfect and very effective and it helps in disinfecting as well as acts as an insect repellent. It removes stains not tough ones but mild ones, it is effective on different types of surfaces. It is easy to use, Just add 2 full caps of the cleaner to a half bucket of water and gently mop the floor or any surface.

Again it is 100% herbal and safe to use, It is priced at Rs 90 for 500ml which is very appropriate.

  • Herbal Strategi Just Out Repellent – ant, termite, housefly, cockroach

We are never alone in our home, insects and bugs are always surrounding us, so to get rid of them we need to use repellents, the repellents available in markets are toxic and contain harmful chemicals,

But this repellents from Herbal Strategi are natural, safe to use.

The repellents come in a plastic sleek bottle, with a spray nozzle so it is easy to use, just spray the liquid directly onto the affected area.

The smell is a bit irritating so, I would suggest using at night.


The repellents are extremely effective and safe, they are made from a unique blend of plant extracts and herbal oils. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly and no chemicals have been used.

The repellents are priced in the range of Rs 170- 180 for 100ml content.

I would definitely recommend using the herbal repellents.

  • Herbal Strategi Bedbug spray – there is a severe problem of bedbug almost everywhere, once anything is infected with bedbug, the only thing we can do is throw it away or do a complete bed bug treatment but it is costly and needs to be done only in the extreme cases when the whole house is infected.

The Herbal Strategi bedbug spray is the wonderful, cheap and effective solution to control and get rid of the bedbug,

It is easy to use and budget friendly! I would totally recommend it to people who are going abroad especially in the US and Canada, you’ll thank me later.

  • Herbal Strategi Nature Clean hand sanitizer – sanitizer is one of our travel essentials, I always like to keep one in my handbag and use it very often while I’m outdoors.

The packaging is simple and the plastic bottle is transparent with jelly-like liquid inside. It is a safe and easy way to protect hands from germs, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe to use by anyone.

Easy to use, just pour around ml of gel into hands and rub all over your hands until dry. Also, no water is required and it has a citric smell.

It is priced at Rs 70 for 100ml.

  • Herbal Strategi Nature Rinse foam hand wash – handwash is another necessity in the household, the packaging is quite sleek and it has a pump so, easy to use, it is foam based hand wash so, it doesn’t dry or stretches skin as harsh soap does,

you just need to moisten hands and apply foam on palm and massage the lather and then wash hands with water.

It is priced at Rs 95 for 70ml content which I think is priced more.


If you want to buy any of the above products, You can buy it from – HerbalStrategi   Do Check it out for more such cleaning, household and pet products.

I hope my post was helpful, you can let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the above products.

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Stay tuned for my next post!

Till then enjoy and take care!

 – Riddhi Jhala

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