Things You Need To Know About Your Skin – Skin Type, Skin Tone and Skin Undertone.


We live and die in our skin, so why not take utmost care of it!

We should feel beautiful in our own skin, no matter if it is dark or fair, we should embrace and not try to find imperfections, we should remember no one is perfect, we all have stretch marks, birthmarks, injury marks, no one is flawless. We mostly see the skin of celebrities and actresses, they look glowing all the time, but that is only due to layers of makeup and surgeries, even they have their own flaws that is either covered or photoshopped.

So, feel beautiful and confident in your own skin no matter what!

Now let’s talk about today’s post, you all must have heard about skin tone – fair, medium or dark, about your specific skin type – oily, dry or combination. Likewise, our skin has an undertone, if you know your undertone it’ll be easy for you to figure many things.

So, we all should know about our skin tone, skin type, skin undertone. If you don’t know, I am here to guide. so, you can choose what suits your skin better the next time.

Skin tone – skin tone is determined by the outer surface of the skin, it depends on your melanin pigment. It mostly depends on genetics and other factors, the truth is it cannot be changed, if you are dark naturally you cannot be light no matter what brightening and skin lightening products you use (except if you undergo cosmetic and plastic surgeries) so, if you are hoping or trying silly products to lighten your skin – it is a complete waste of time. Only if you are tanned, your skin tone can be back to normal.

There are different types of skin tones mostly – wheatish, fair, medium, brown, dark. Indian skin tones are mostly medium and brown.

So, you need to know about your skin tone. Mine is fair!

Skin type – skin type depends on your lifestyle and habits, there are 3 general skin type – Oily, Dry and Combination.

You can know about it easily, just take a blotting paper/tissue and post 3-4 hrs of cleansing your face and keep your face bare for 3-4hrs, thereafter gently use the tissue on your face – note down the changes in the tissue.

Also note if your face tends to get oily or dry within 3-4 hrs if it is oily which areas get oily like T-zone, cheeks or whole face.

only if your T-zone is oily and the rest of the area is dry then you have combination skin type, if your T-zone, cheeks tend to be oily then you have oily skin type and if your skin feels stretchy all along and have less or almost no oil secretion than the normal skin then you have dry skin type.

Most of the skincare products are built according to skin type, so make sure you know about your correct skin type and you always choose products which are targeted specifically for your skin type. The products have a tag which says ‘for sensitive skin’, ‘for all skin type’ so, just check before buying and try to avoid products other than your skin type as it might not suit your skin while you can definitely use products which says ‘for all skin type’

My skin type is a combination as only my T-zone tends to be oily.

Skin undertone – skin undertone is colour beneath the surface of the top layer of skin, we can either have a warm, cool or neutral undertone.  You can check it by noting the colour of your veins – is it bluish or greenish? Check your wrist vein – If bluish than it determines a cool skin tone, if greenish than it determines a warm skin tone, the green colour is due to the yellow colour overlaying your skin.

Silver jewellery suits more on cool skin tone whereas gold jewellery suits more on warm skin tone. So, this way you can wear jewellery and outfits according to your skin undertone to make it more radiant.

I hope now you know about your skin type, tone and undertone and enjoyed reading my post!

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Take care until next post!

-Riddhi Jhala




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