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Golden Rules Of Life!



“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” 

― Roman Payne

To have an amazing life, we all should follow some golden rules in our life, it will help us in the longer run.

The set of rules should be made according to your life goals, your life would be in a proper order, it will help you in achieving your life goals.

If you’re reading this post and still you don’t have any golden rule in your life, you should definitely think of making some.

Here are some of my golden rules to follow in life:

  • Only do what you love to do, even if it means struggling. I honestly would like to struggle rather than do something which doesn’t make me happy and I am not passionate about.
  • Always be grateful with what you have instead of being greedy, I appreciate little things but with it, I also dream big.
  • Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Know your worth, don’t let anyone else take you for granted.
  • I always go for quality rather than quantity, be it friends, food, clothes, makeup, anything and everything. This honestly is so good, quantity is nothing, just digits but you should invest in good quality, it will help you sustain longer in life.
  • Be Independent in every sense, not just financially but you should have your own thoughts and ideas instead of depending on your parents/partner/anyone else. This is another important thing which I’ve learned and adapted from a very young age and so, right now I have come to a point where I feel every bit of confidence on my own but I’m yet to feel 100% independent (that level is sane, once you achieve it, you are truly fearless and raw in your every form) I’m on 90% of it, I guess within 1-2yrs I will make it.  Independence makes you a different individual altogether wherein you have every decision of yours to make and cater to yourself. What you want to eat, wear, travel, spend, everything is on you.
  • Be positive in every situation, I always look for good no matter what the crisis/circumstances are, remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel, every situation can be tackled but just stay positive and patient. If you are going through a rough time now, it’ll eventually lead you to a better life and you’ll also gain experiences.
  • I believe in Karma, you get served what you serve others, I don’t believe in revenge instead I let the universe take care of it, I strongly believe that do good and good things will come to you, do bad and life will teach you a lesson in some or the other ways.
  • Love unconditionally, I believe when you love someone always love with all of your heart, without any conditions and most importantly don’t try to change them as an individual instead embrace their flaws and accept them in their raw form.
  • Enjoy each and every moment before its too late(YOLO), don’t stress away too much in your work, job and other things, take out time for your family, loved ones, friends and pamper yourself every now and then. It will help you in making your life interesting, cherishing good moments, making your bonds more special, Ultimately making you more happier.

This is a golden look I created randomly while I was experimenting with makeup, I loved how it has turned out.

Makeup details:

Foundation – Maybelline fit me

Concealer – Paese

Compact – Maybelline super white

Blush – NYX

Highlighter – The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer

Brows – Benefit

Golden shimmer – Nicka K

Yellow eyeshadow – Glamaroma beauty

Mascara – Lakme

Lipstick – Nykaa ultra matte 04M – Racy Rose

Looking at the impromptu pictures, I thought I would share something golden and special with you all and so, I started jotting down my golden rules. I hope you guys like this post, it is a special one for me.

If you have any other questions, you can let me know.

Lastly, remember “You are gold baby, solid gold”

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