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Hair Fall Saviour – Kesh King Review!

Who doesn’t wish to have long and strong hairs like Rapunzel? I admire her hair, they look so beautiful, Just like a cascade of the waterfall. We don’t know her hair secret but we know that the long and strong hairs are possible mainly because of a maintained haircare routine and products.

These days we tend to see there are lots of different hair care products available in the market full of fake promises and results but contain different chemicals and harm your hair in the long run and aren’t fully effective.

I love Natural and Ayurvedic products and I would choose them over any other chemical products on any given day.

I am sure everyone must have known about ‘Kesh King’ It is the world’s premier brand in Ayurvedic hair care and It offers a range of scalp and hair products. The best thing is they are certified by governmental bodies to solve all your hair woes.

I have tried the Kesh King Shampoo with its new formulation with 21 ayurvedic ingredients and aloe vera for almost 2 weeks now and Kesh King Shampoo is my hair saviour and I never expected that the shampoo will work wonders in such a short span of time but it did and So, I thought to review the products.

Let me tell you about my favourite product – Kesh King Anti-hair fall shampoo.

Packaging – It comes in a beautiful, sturdy dark green bottle with golden flip flop cap and the necessary details are printed on the bottle. The packaging is travel-friendly.

Shampoo- it is an anti-hair fall shampoo and contains Aloe vera and 21 ayurvedic herbs, I have been using the shampoo and I have seen major improvements not only in my hair fall but also my hair texture feels so much better, it is silky and shiny. It lathers up into a smooth foam to gently cleanse my hair of oil and dirt. The shampoo is light greenish in colour with shimmery pigments and has a thick but runny texture. It has a strong yet soothing fragrance, it stays for 3-4 hrs post-hair-wash.

The general directions for use are same – apply to wet hair, massage into scalp & rinse.

With regular usage I have noted that even my scalp feels healthy & nourished, I see it makes hair soft, frizz-free, manageable and up to 80% less hair fall.

Also, the good thing to note is that it is the 1st ayurvedic shampoo that not only solves hair fall problems but also makes hair silky, shiny and smooth.

Cost – it is priced at Rs 120/- for 200ml which is very affordable and budget-friendly and you can buy it from Amazon and it is even available at any general store.

My Experience – I have been using the shampoo thrice a week and I see great results in my hair, while I have used other ayurvedic shampoos like Patanjali Kesh Kanti but it didn’t suit my hair as my hair felt rough, dry and also it doesn’t stand on any of the claims but this kesh king shampoo definitely worked wonders on my hair and I absolutely love it as not only my hair fall is reduced but also my hair feels silky and shiny.

I would definitely recommend you all to try the kesh king shampoo,

You can Shop – here

Now, let me tell you about – Kesh King Oil

Packaging – It comes in a dark green plastic bottle with flip-flop cap and necessary details printed on a golden sticker with Juhi Chawla’s picture on the front side. The packaging is travel-friendly and although the bottle Is green yet we can see the oil inside so, it is easy to note the quantity we use and we can know in advance when to get a new pack. Kesh King Oil comes in an outer cardboard box with an information leaflet, oil bottle and deep root comb.

Oil – kesh king is an ayurvedic oil and it is more of a scalp and hair medicine as it contains 21 therapeutic herbs – Tel Pak Vidhi,

the oil is transparent in colour which is great but I am not personally fond of the strong fragrance of the oil, but it vanishes in some time so, that’s fine. It helps in growing new hair & it is also India’s no.1 Ayurvedic oil.

Also, it is clinically proven to be 2 times more effective than other Ayurvedic oils in solving hair problems.

The oil contains 21 herbs like japa, lodhra, yashtimadhu, goksura, tulasi, karanja, methi, kari patta, mehendi, bhringaraja, brahmi, nagkesara, bibhitaka, tilt el, musta, jatamansi, amla, neem, kola, haritaki, sthulaila.

Cost – it is priced at Rs 160/- for 100ml which is budget friendly and you can buy it from Amazon or any general store.

My Experience – This oil is been used in my family for a long time and it not only helps in reducing hair fall but also in hair growth as it contains 21 herbs which deeply nourishes and even protects hair. As I have chemically treated my hair, they tend to feel dry and this oil has been my saviour. Also, it comes with a deep root comb which makes sure that the oil is deeply penetrated into the roots, I love it! I would definitely recommend you to try this wonderful oil.

You can Shop – here

Let’s not settle for regular ayurvedic shampoos that leave your hair dry and rough, Kesh King Anti-hair fall shampoo not only reduces hair fall but also makes them silky, shiny, smooth. I hope this review post helped you,

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By Riddhi Jhala

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