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Shein – Spring/Summer Fashion Lookbook

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I’m sure you all must have heard about Shein website, if you haven’t then here I am presenting some trendy outfits and I will help you in putting your fashion foot forward, I am here to set your trend game on point and I am listing some of the best clothing pieces which you can check and buy directly from the link mentioned with the outfit.

Even if you want to buy an outfit for business, casual, workout or date, not to fret as I have got your every outfit covered in my list. So, check it out, add to cart and start shopping! Also to save you the hassle of finding the outfit on the website, I have mentioned the direct link with the outfit so, you can buy directly!

You can always thank me later!


1 – Power Blue Jumpsuit –

buy here –

This one is perfect to bring out the #girlboss in you, looks very classy and blue colour looks formal and you can wear it to meetings and impress your clients or just remind everyone of who the boss is!

2 – Grid print self-tie shorts –

buy here –

Being a businesswoman, you have to attend business party and celebration, this short will look elegant and still look formal, you can wear it with a classy white or black shirt and rock the party!

3 – Vertical striped shirt –

buy here –

You can pair this striped shirt with a pencil skirt, short, trouser and it will look chic and trendy.

4 – Multicolour plaid dress- 

buy here

This is perfect for formal wear! I loved it

5 – Colorblock shirtwaist dress –

buy here –

This dress is pretty and can be worn while in office as well as some casual brunch/lunch. It is semi-formal and yet classy attire, I love the combination of colours.

Casual Wear

1 – Zig zag print rolled sleeve top –

buy here

The zig-zag pattern is lovely and the colours are perfect for the spring season, you can pair it up with white shorts, blue denim or some pastel pants and you are good to go!

2 – Flower embroidered top

buy here


This is one of my favourites, the flower detailing and the flounce sleeve just makes for a great combination. This light top is perfect for spring and summer.

3 – Good things take time tee

buy here –

A basic tee is a must for running errands throughout the day or for a just casual day chilling! The quote ‘Good things take time’ is true and so, this tee looks cool. So, it is a must-have!

4 – Pink denim shorts –

buy here –

When someone speaks about summer clothing, the first thing that comes to my mind is shorts and pink looks feminine, I think pink denim shorts look too cute and you can wear it with your pastel and white colour basic tees and printed tops!

5 – Embroidered skinny jeans –

buy here –

Blue jeans are the most basic outfit and there would  be no one who wouldn’t have a fine pair of it but as much as I love fashion, I hate to wear clothing which is very basic so, I always go for unique outfits or something which has fine detailing, these embroidered skinny jeans are perfect to steal the show!

Workout Wear

1 – Monochrome legging

buy here –

I love the monochrome design, it is visually appealing! If you are pairing basic or plain tee for a workout than you really need some fashion drama and this legging is perfect for you to be high on fashion and workout as well! Go get it and get running!

 2- Satin trainer joggers –

buy here –

You all must have seen celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi wearing these statement joggers, as much as it looks shiny it is great to workout and it makes for a great athleisure piece. I can guarantee that everyone in the gym would envy your style

3- Future is female slogan print tee

buy here –

4 – Girls can do anything tee –

buy here –

For workout we can’t wear fancy tees, so basic tees with slogans which vibe with our persona or quotes matching our mind are what we look for and ‘Future is female’ or ‘Girls can do anything’ is indeed what I would like to wear so, anyone can get to know what kind of woman I am through my tee itself. Which will make me do less talking and more focusing. Now, this is what you will want as well isn’t it?

Date wear

1 – Velvet bodycon dress –

buy here –

If you are going on a date, you know your impression and style speaks about yourself, velvet is ruling the trend game in the fashion industry and with a dress like this you are sure to let any man know you are not less than a queen by any means and he should stop wasting your time, if he can’t treat you like one! Well now grab your velvet outfit, heart and be the queen of your life!

2- Floral slit dress –

buy here –

If you want to show your naughty side to your guy, the slit can make it easy for you, wear it and let your legs do the talking! Floral is perfect for a romantic date during spring/summer. Girl, Go wear it and have some fun!

3- Black flippy dress

buy here –

Everyone needs a sexy LBD in their closet if you are wondering, what does LBD mean? it stands for Little black dress! This black dress has a flippy pattern which is very classy and it is one you need to wear for your dance party, just put on your grooving heels and get rocking the dance floor.

4- Red skater dress –

buy here-

The red colour is romantic and skater dress definitely looks very sexy! This dress is sure to add more glamour to your life. Just wear it and show the world your bright side.

5- Bardot print ruffle dress

buy here –

The pattern of the ruffle looks very elegant and the print is simply stunning! Go wear it and make everyone stun by your fashion sense.


I hope you like my Shein lookbook and some of the handful tips,

You can buy all of these dresses with the link I have mentioned with the outfit.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @Ritzyglitzyblog for more such outfit ideas and style tips.

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