Intro About Me ❤

I Either Dress Up like I am Going to a Red carpet or A Homeless Drug Addict !
Above two lines describes me the Best.
Well, Hello there !
This is my First blog post and I am so Excited cuz I have been thinking about Blogging like A year ago but I felt Afraid as a Kid and There was Negativity around Me which did not Let me do it. Anyways, Its All about Past, so Lets Talk about the Present Now.
Now, When I am Finally doing What I Love, I can’t Express My Happiness2016 Has Quite Far been a Good Year for Me. Positivity Runs in my Veins now. So, currently As passion towards Fashion, Beauty, Food & Travelling. I have started this Blog and Will Try to be As Regular as Possible cuz On the otherside I am a Science Student Pursuing Bachelors in Microbiology. Now When i am having an Affair with My Blog, Life is Gonna be Hectic For me !

Enough of Talks About me Now, I just Hope You Enjoy Reading My Blogs & It helps You in any of the elements in Your Life. If Not Any atleast Brings A Smile on your Face 🙂

Have A Good Day ! 🙂

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