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Styling and Decoding Pantone Colour of the year 2018 – ULTRAVIOLET

As much as we like to change and update our choice, style and everything that life surprises us unexpectedly! so does the colour change like a chameleon in a different mood. Every year the colour of the year is decided by PANTONE.

Pantone colour institute is a worldwide recognised leading source which predicts & provides information on global colour trends through colour development, seasonal forecasts, recommended colour palette for brands & products for their development & strategic asset. Let’s look at the colour decoded in past years

2010 – turquoise

2011 -honeysuckle

2012 –tangerine tango

2013 – emerald

2014 – radiant orchid

2015 – marsala

2016 – rose quartz & serenity blue

2017 – greenery

4-pantone-color-of-the-year-2018-ultra-violet Colored environments

PANTONE has announced ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ as the colour of the year 2018. So, if you are on a shopping spree for the new year, any party or will buy anything in future, keep in mind to stack some ultra-violet colour essentials in your wardrobe. Ultra-violet is a great colour the mix hues of blue based purple tone. Ultra-violet showcases originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking pointing us towards an innovative future as said by the Pantone Institute.

UltraViolet is indeed a striking colour and it has the highest frequency of the visible light, it depicts the deep bluish tone within and the Ultra Violet rays come from the sun, it has effects which are both valuable and damaging. Ultraviolet is invisible and so, it cannot be seen through our eyes. It forms the basis of Vitamin D in our body, which is very useful.

Now as it is the colour of the year 2018, there is more to explore and see beyond the normal violet colour. there are multiple ways to use and decorate the colour of the year 2018

Here I will give you some of the ideas with which you can get a better idea of how and where to use the colour:

  • 1- Outfit – one can definitely put your style game up by adding ultraviolet colour to complete the outfit, if you are not sure as how to add ultraviolet colour to your look, you can style scarves and pretty simple things in the beginning, later on, you can wear dresses, jumpsuit, blazer for a stylish and elegant look. you can even add a little colour touch to the outfit, try going for ultraviolet sleeves, collar, border or some bows and tie-ups in the outfit.


  • 2- Hair colour – one can always go beyond the normal looks and try experimenting with hair in various ways be it colour or style! For a funky and trendy look you can try out the ultraviolet, purple or blue coloured hair and I am sure you will turn out to be an eye candy wherever you go!
  • 3- Furniture and room décor – for an artistic touch, you can decorate your room with different items in ultraviolet colour like placing a flower vase, cushion cover, magazine rack, curtain, etc in your room and it will definitely look vibrant. if you want to add more touch of the colour then you can try experimenting with your furniture pieces like chair, sofa and table to transform your look.


  • 4-Makeup – mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick – makeup is definitely good field for experimenting and one can play with colours, with ultraviolet colour being a bit bold and dark colour, one needs to be careful while doing the makeup, for basics one can go for blue/purple mascara for subtle touch, or else for more dramatic look one can try with eyeshadow and lipstick, but don’t go over the board with it! A simple yet classic eyeliner would also do magic!
  • 5-Accessories – accessories like belt, earring, hairband, bracelet, handbag, footwear will be best when you are not sure about wearing the ultraviolet outfit, this way you can wear ultraviolet and still be trendy! one can nail the colour of the year in many different styles!

let ultraviolet shine, style and make you more creative in 2018!

Image credits: Google and Pinterest.

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