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A complete guide to – Skin polishing & Chemical peeling treatment

Throughout the world taking care of skin & looking flawless is everyone’s desire be it female or male, especially in China & South Korea people are crazy behind skin & they use the highest number of beauty products & treatments to make their skin radiant & spotless.

To take care of your skin, you also need to maintain a good diet & regularly follow the cleansing, moisturising, toning routine & exfoliate once in a while, it helps in renewing the skin cells.

Once in a while pampering skin feels good, skin treatment is generally performed by dermatologist & cosmetologist after checking your skin type & texture. Generally, some treatments like skin polishing & chemical peeling are done routinely & suits every skin type.

Mostly, chemical peeling is done first then later on skin polishing is done. These two treatments are mostly paired together. A time gap of one week is considered Between two sessions, never go for this kind of treatment at any local beauty parlour, always go to a dermatologist, cosmetologist & before confirming any treatment always ask for allergy/patch testing this is a necessary step so, you do not get any side effects post-treatment.

About derma peel or chemical peel – this treatment is generally done to remove the tan, blackheads, dirt due to pollution, to lighten the acne spots & blemishes on the face. Instead of going for monthly facial, this treatment should be opted to get clear & better skin. It is most effective in summer when usually our skin gets tanned even after applying lots of sunscreens, blame it on sunrays though!

In this treatment, firstly skin is cleaned & then a chemical mixture (containing alpha, beta & some fruit acids) is applied to skin layer for over 15 minutes, it will burn for some time while its applied but not to worry about it, later its cleaned with water & the next step involves applying a vitamin mask for around 20 minutes, it cools down the burning sensation & enhances the skin radiance. The treatment is really quick & efficient, but if you are looking for specific skin results than you need to take more sessions as suggested by your skin specialist.

About skin polishing –  this treatment helps in skin glow & it makes your dull skin youthful again, it actually polishes your skin so it lightens the dark spots & any marks/blemishes on your face. post skin polishing treatment your skin feels soft, lightens your tone & naturally glowing.

In this treatment, crystal & diamond polishing is done. Firstly, skin is cleaned & then with crystal it is polished lightly within a layer of skin, again it is cleaned & next step involves diamond polishing into the skin, this gives a wonderful glow. The last step involves applying peel-off brightening mask for about 20 minutes till it dries & lastly, sunscreen is applied post-treatment to protect your skin.

post-treatment skin glow

Generally, don’t expect quick result in just one session, for better skin result regular 3-5 sessions should be taken.

Post-treatment pictures of my natural skin without any filter.

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