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Practical Guide -‘Blogging’ – difference between a blogger & a model decoded


I’m back with a new post and it is all about the life of a blogger and outlook!

I’ve always been passionate about writing & initially, it was one of the core reason to start up my own blog, looking back today at this blogging journey, I feel grateful & super happy as I have positively influenced many people & I feel glad about it.

Also, On A Happy Note – I have Crossed 6k followers On Instagram & I can’t be more than happy about it! I thank each & everyone for supporting me & helping me throughout the phase. I hope my Instafam Keeps on growing, we have many more miles to go together & Spread positive Vibes all the way!

So, I get this question asked the most, & many of you keep sending me DMs & Inquire about :

‘What Exactly Is Blogging ?’ How it must be feeling super nice to enjoy wearing fancy dresses, shooting, posting pictures (like Models), eating at different cafes/hotels, & much more…

It all looks easy & envious right?

But let me tell you the real thing behind the fancy life & what does blogging actually mean.

Blogging is all about writing, sharing information, discussing & reviewing about new launches in market, sharing experiences, talking about hip & happening event’s & most importantly being connected to your people in honest ways & sharing bits of your life socially – It maybe the outfit you’re wearing, food you’re eating, book you’re reading, place you’re traveling, you’re favourites, etc. 

Many people misunderstand the concept of blogging & relate it to modelling!

I have denied & explained the whole lot of blogging to so many people out there. Damn, It feels so annoying at times, When people ask me ‘oh, You are into modelling ?’ 

People really need to understand that ‘posting good pictures doesn’t make you a model straight away’ 

Models are just beautiful posers, with good body structure & features. Whereas, Being a blogger, We are our own boss, we work according to our own ways, It is up to us to decide the styling, make-up, writing, etc.

On other note we can have some bloggers as a model, as that is going to benefit the latter & Common, Beauty with Brains are much needed these days!

The blog is altogether reflection of personal thoughts & creativity flowing out through writing & pictures. Hoping the viewers get some good information. 

Also, I feel reading good blogs can brighten up your mood, bring positivity & make your day better ! Okay! So, I hope I have cleared the few things which you all misunderstood & needed to know about ‘blogging’  

If you want me to discuss anything else regarding blogging or any other topic, You can freely let your heart out & speak to me, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here are pictures from a recent shoot with this amazing photographer – Vipul. Do check out his work here blackmagichat

The look is all about being yourself & not giving a damn of what world thinks of you, that is the only way you can live your life of dreams & be happy truly from your soul. Don’t care about the negativity, You Need to understand that even
‘If you would be the freshest & juiciest apple, Still there would be some people not liking & hating it for no legit reasons, but that shouldn’t make apple to rot, ain’t it? Instead, it should be shared with apple & fruit lovers, that’s how the positivity & appreciation follows up’  Understand This & Your Life Mess Will Be Sorted.

Outfit Details : 

Jumpsuit –  Atmosphere 

Heels – Forever 21 

Silver Choker – Street buy From McLeodGanj

See you until the next post, till then follow me on Instagram ritzyglitzyblog & Stay Positive!

Cheers On A Good Note!

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