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My Sunny State of Fashion with A Positive Note

Hello readers,

With winter almost coming to an end, we should be prepared for sunny summer mood, isn’t it?


Pop of Orange


Well, we all have mood swings similar to seasons – there are certain times we feel different like on one day we are all bright & cheerful just like summer, the other day we feel lazy, sleepy like in winter & someday we tend to be all gloomy & sad like fall season, while on other days we love to bloom & grow like in spring. So, according to me, seasons & mood are quite similar.

Talking about summer, the only thing that I love about summer is that I get to dress up in fancy ways, drink coolers & gulp down on ice-cream shamelessly almost every day. The other time I really hate going out in the harsh sun, as the rays literally burn my skin even if I have applied sunscreen with more than SPF50, still it doesn’t work & at last, I get heavily tanned. Well, I avoid going anywhere out in the sun except if I have some important work to do, else I tend to stay indoor & chill in AC. I mean who would want to go out & bake themselves? Nobody right, everyone loves to take care of self.


Anyways, having a bright & cheerful mood is always good, one of the reasons I have my blog is because I want to inspire people with everything that I have right from stories, motivation to sending positive vibes! These days world is full of cruelty & jealousy, people are full of hate & competition, I mean why? why fellas? Can’t we create a happy place for all of us to be together & work together? I strongly believe in uplifting each other & girl power! Remember, you cannot just grow or succeed by putting others down or hating others. That’s not how energies work! Positive people spread & take positivity, while negative people are just the other way around. So, be careful of what kind of person you are, and if you are reading this – I request, YES, I literally request you to be always positive & see good changes coming in your life, I promise it’ll only get bigger & better! And not just your life, but it will mould you as a person & you will feel a whole lot of change in yourself.

Try it, even for a day don’t speak or get any negative thought in your head, only think & feel positive! At the end of the day, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful you’ll feel, Practise this every day!



So, this blog shoot was done back in summer last year, I just wanted to remind myself of how my life has rolled for me & has been so much more better with positivity & Sanghpreey, is indeed a blessing to me & has completely changed my view of life & I can’t wait to share more stories with you real soon!

The outfit I choose to style & describe my summer feeling:

  • high waisted shorts in a bright orange colour
  • white sheer lace crop top (from H&M)
  • for a relaxed look, I opted to wear flipflops (bought from a local market) instead of heels
  • kept the accessories minimal with just a white bracelet & red gold choker (from Juvalia&You) to complete the look.

Check out the pictures below:

Picture Credits – Rahul Sharma

I hope you enjoyed reading my article & don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ritzyglitzyblog for more such updates!

Until next post – Be Positive!

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