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My Skin Journey with Sakhiya Skin Clinic!

Hello guys,

I’ve always had great skin since childhood, all thanks to good genes but back in summer ‘18 I had terrible skin break out all of a sudden, I thought maybe it’s because I was having too many mangoes, if you guys don’t know mango is a heat-bearing fruit and sometimes excess of it can cause certain reaction on skin and also, pimples on face, I’ve seen many people complaining of the same.

So, at first I got around 2-3 pimples on one side of my face and I blamed it for consuming excess of mangoes and I tried to have fewer mangoes, still my skin didn’t do well and eventually the pimples started to pop up one by one on both the sides of face, which actually made me worry and I didn’t know the actual reason for the breakout, thereafter I tried few home remedies like neem mask, face packs, pimple cream, etc. but I didn’t see any change on my breakout.

People gave me different pieces of advice like stop eating junk, use xyz cream, apply xyz on the face and some also blamed it to blogging that my skin is acting up because I try, test too many products by various brands and such stuff. I was really pissed off and clueless as nothing was working for me.

Sakhiya Skin Clinic

Thereafter came the rescue – Sakhiya Skin Clinic

They are one of the best clinic having over 20 branches all over India, I went at Satellite branch in Ahmedabad, It is huge with lots of space, individual treatment and consulting rooms, latest equipped USFDA laser machines, maintained with hygiene, staff is friendly and doctors trust-worthy.

Firstly, I had a consultation session with dermatologist and she checked my skin, asked few questions and gave me some topical creams, moisturizer and gel to use day/night, then she introduced me to different laser treatments and peels which I was supposed to undergo monthly. She explained everything step by step mentioning the tiniest of details and skincare post-treatment.

For each of the below-mentioned treatments, the starting procedure is the same.

First, your face is deeply cleansed, then blackhead/whitehead removal (I feel the most painful here and I wish for it to get done asap)

Not to worry as the no. of black/white heads decreases gradually in every session.

Then they apply 2-3 different types of peel according to the treatment, which has to be undergone further.

In some of the treatments, they also apply anesthesia and it has to be kept for around 30-45 mins for the skin to be numb and then proceed with the laser treatment.

Starting Procedure:

  • Cleansing – skin is gently cleansed with a cleanser to remove any cream, impurities or dust particles on the face.
  • Microdermabrasion – It is for removal of dead skin layer and polishing of skin.
  • Comedo Extraction – Removal of blackhead and white head.
  • Chemical peeling – It is to control acne, spots and blemishes.
  • Laser Treatment – the doctor will suggest which laser treatment to go for according to your skin problem.
My Skin Before – dull, uneven skin tone, acne, acne marks.

I started my consultation-treatment from the month of August 2018,

1st Month – IPL laser – It is an Intense pulse light therapy, it is basically for controlling Acne

2nd Month – Fractional laser – It is basically for Skin resurfacing, scar reduction treatment and laser for Acne and scars. This treatment is done for toning the skin, the spots/blemishes get lighter, the pimple marks get lighter, lightens pigmentation and evens the skin texture. Post-treatment the only con is it leaves behind a temporary mesh-like marking which is visible on your face, it fades away within 2-3 days. Also, take note that if you are supposed to attend a meeting or have any important occasion to attend in the next 2-3 days then you should plan to schedule this treatment accordingly.

3rd & 4Th Month – Photo facial laser treatment – This treatment is similar to bleaching, it makes your face photo ready, it lightens the hair along with skin tone and smoothens out the pores and skin, it also instantly brightens up your face. The treatment is very effective, I underwent this treatment twice and I love how my skin feels now.

5th Month – Fractional Laser Treatment (Refer 2nd Month treatment)

6th Month – Photo facial laser treatment (Refer 3rd and 4th Month Treatment)

So, a minimum of 6 session is required initially to treat, improve and get the desired skin results eventually.

Skin Journey with Sakhiya skin clinic – Before/After Picture.

My skin has really improved a lot, now I can confidently say my skin is flawless and glowing, pimples do pop up once in a while due to excess junk food, irregular sleep and similar factors.

my skin sessions are still on every month and I have been regularly using the skin creams and other stuff which the doctor has prescribed me and Also, I’ve been taking care of my eating habit and sleep schedule. Most importantly I’ve been feeling happy from inside and not stressing, I guess that quickly shows up on our skin so, try to be really happy and not just ‘happy for the gram’

So, If you have any skin issues or concerns like acne, pigmentation, marks, tanning, breakouts, etc than instead of just randomly using any topical cream, masks and experimenting with other stuff, I would highly suggest you go and consult a good dermat as they will guide and treat you in a proper way.

You can check for Sakhiya Skin Clinic in your city, they offer amazing treatments with the latest equipped machines at affordable rates.

Here are the details of Sakhiya Skin Clinic where I’m undergoing treatment.

Sakhiya Skin Clinic – Satellite Ahmedabad Branch

Address – 201-202, Shital Varsha 5, Shivranjani Crossroad, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad.

Phone number – 1800 120070000

Skin post-treatment. Raw picture without any filter – natural glow, even tone, no Acne or blemishes and youthfully radiant.

So, this was about my skin breakout journey.

Also, here I have shared few tips which everyone should follow for good and naturally glowing skin:

  • Stay hydrated, drink lots of water.
  • Always wear a sunscreen be it summer, winter or any season. Make it a habit to use it daily.
  • Try to avoid eating too much oily food (even I can’t avoid completely but at least tend to control eating it very often).
  • Follow a proper CTM routine (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise) and adhere to it day and night.
  • Always remove your makeup before sleeping, never be lazy and sleep with your makeup on.
  • Feel happy from inside, your skin will glow.

If you have any questions regarding anything or you want me to post about my daily skincare regime then do let me know!

I hope you like my skin transformation Journey!

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Take care until next post!

-By Riddhi Jhala

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