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Indian Wedding Tips and Talk’


Hope you all are doing great!

Tis’ the season of winter, wedding and shopping,

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, celebrated incredibly with lavish food, heavy ethnic outfits, extravagant décor and what not, almost every dime saved is spent during weddings only to receive criticism from long lost relatives and judgemental guests who only come to take fresh pictures for their WhatsApp DP, eat all the food right from starter to dessert only to say ‘ye to thik tha, tasty nai tha’ and look around trying to be a matchmaker for single innocent youngsters, whom they would interview as if they’ve applied for some job post. Ah! I pity them!

I recently attended many weddings, I love every part of weddings except the ‘Rishta conversation’ it is very annoying, I am sure you can feel me if you’re still in your 20s-30s and single. The only thing I don’t understand is why are the people so concerned about other’s life rather than minding their own business/family life or maybe they’re so free that they don’t know what to do with their own life and so, they’re being the BIGG BOSS camera 24*7 looking at every connected people.

When I posted on Instagram about the ‘Nosy aunty Rishta talk’  soooo many people reverted saying they had encountered a similar situation, they could feel me and asked me to help out in such situation. So, I thought of posting this blog wherein I would list down some points which you can use if you ever encounter such incident in the future.

Also, good things first – I got you a quick conversation starter line which you can try if you find any cute girl/guy in sight, I am sure it’ll work. Just don’t try it on me 😀

Go nearby that guy/girl and Just casually say pointing downwards

Hey, You dropped something”

They’ll be surprised, try to look around and look back at you when they can’t find anything and ask you what? Or I can’t find it

Then you gotta be witty and say,

“You dropped your smile”

This is not flirty and pretty good conversation starter which you can use anywhere. Try it once and let me know if it worked for you!

Now let’s talk about being a savage –

How to avoid/answer the Rishta talk or nosy aunties?’

  • Whenever does someone advise you to marry, ask them if they are really happy with their own wedding/life? They would immediately shut up, if not they would fake. only 5% of the couple are truly happy with each other and their marriage, rest of them have one or the other problems, so it is obvious that they wouldn’t ask you any further questions.
  • Ask the nosy aunties what else are they doing other than being a good homemaker. they only gossip and attend kitty parties, whereas you should tell about how you utilize your quality time in being a wise and better individual which is far more better.
  • Ask them if they’re getting paid for wasting your time because time is very precious and we definitely don’t want to waste our quality time by indulging in such an annoying conversation.
  • Ask them ‘are they looking for any parental roles?’ As they’re being more concerned than our parents. 
  • When someone asks ‘when are you getting married?’ tell them that you’re already married and oh you forgot to invite them.
  • Tell them that you aren’t looking for an average boring life like them which consists of – padhai Kro, Shaadi Kro, Bache paida Kro aur Ghar me Raho, ‘you are savage and don’t want to be an average.’

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog post!

here is my wedding look book and as for the makeup, I opted for subtle shimmery eyes, glowing face and bright lips.

P.s – I have worn a saree for the first time so, let me know if you like it! I recall wearing it once/twice during teacher’s day in school time. Also, I was asked to drape it in a certain way (usual Rajput’s etiquette) which I wasn’t very comfortable with but I managed it!

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Take care until next post!

  • By Riddhi Jhala

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  1. I am in love with your are looking so pretty and elegant…thanx for these wonderful tips…I always found it difficult to avoid poky aunties..

  2. I am in love with your makeup…so neatly done..and you are looking so pretty and elegant..and this is to those nosy rishta talk aunties – ” who cares !!!” 😂😂😂😂

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