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Guide to different types of Facewash.

Hello guys,

A face is the main attraction of yourself, we all want a clear, glowing face and we tend to take most care of it.

I am sure you all must be using a face wash daily, if not you need to use it as our facial skin is tender and using a soap makes it harsh and increases the pH level of the skin. there are so many different facewash ranges available in the market these days it is hard to choose which one is a good fit for your skin and will suit your skin perfectly.

In today’s post, I will be discussing different types of face wash available so, you can get a better idea and use the one which is ideal for your skin.

The different types of facewash are:

– Gel facewash

– Foam facewash

– Purifying and bubbly facewash

– Scrub wash

– Whitening facewash

– Detoxifying facewash

let me share more details about the facewash

Gel facewash – most of the facewashes available in the market are gel based, this type of facewash has a gel-like texture and is thin-thick varying in form, it glides easily on skin, quickly lathers and cleanses the face without much effort. They are refreshing, foaming facial cleanser and so, it dissolves the makeup and impurities, softens the skin and helps in enhancing the complexion. They are fragrance oriented, though the smell usually stays for 5-10 mins post-facewash.

Some of the best gel facewashes are Biotique bio honey gel face cleanser, Glamisha facewash with mulberry and liquorice extracts.

Foam facewash – these kinds of facewash are usually formulated with cleansing foam, they contain only foam so, don’t get surprised as if you will use it for the first time you may feel unusual but it is one of the best kind of facewash to use, it leaves skin soft, supple, soothes and regenerate skin. Also, while washing the face the foam needs to be kept for around 3 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. It helps to prevent the formation of a pimple and blackheads as the foam penetrates pore-deep into the skin to combat bacteria and it also maintains the pH balance of skin 5.5, it is particularly suitable for sensitive, acne-prone skin. One can use it daily in the morning and night.

Best facewash – Sebamed clear face cleansing foam.

Purifying and bubbly facewash – these kinds of facewash have bubbly texture(a lot of bubbles) their formulation is very gentle and they usually rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, so after a tiring long day or workout one can use this for a refreshing skin. they generally have 1-2 main ingredients like neem, turmeric etc in the formulation which helps in targeting some skin specific issue like acne, pigmentation, blemishes, etc.

So, it deeply purifies and refreshes our skin while targeting the skin issue as well.

Some of the best purifying and bubbly facewash are Himalaya herbals purifying neem face wash & Mcaffeine facewash.

Scrub wash – these kinds of facewash have small beads in it so, they act like scrub while gently cleansing the face, scrub wash is good to use after a long day of exposure to sun, pollution, dirt, sweat, makeup, etc. it will remove the dead layer and black/white heads of skin and thus, will make skin glow from within. Also, it is advisable to not use it daily, one can use it thrice per week as too much of stripping of skin is not good.

Some of the best scrub washes are Himalaya fresh start, Biotique papaya scrub wash & Clean & Clear facewash.

Whitening facewash – these type of facewash have ingredients which help in improving the skin texture and removing tan, but they don’t lighten your natural skin tone so, don’t get confused, there are lots of such facewash available in the market but they tend to have lots of chemicals and so, I would suggest rather avoid using such facewash.

Example of such facewash – Fair n lovely facewash, Lotus white glow, Garnier white complete facewash, Oxyglow skin whitening, Olay white radiance and VLCC Snigdha skin whitening facewash.

Detoxifying facewash – these type of facewash help in detoxifying skin from toxins and all impurities, the formulation contain charcoal and other such ingredients which helps in clearing the skin from deep within as it retrieves the skin toxins. The texture maybe thick to thin it depends on the active ingredient present in the face wash. Detoxifying facewash can be used once in a while and skin will instantly feel light, soft and clear from within.

Some of the best detoxifying facewash are mama earth charcoal facewash and Oxyglow charcoal facewash.

I have used all the above-stated facewashes for a long period of time and all the given views are personal and this is not a sponsored post in any way. I only found few of them good rest make skin harsh and are not efficient on the claims.

The best one amongst all of the above is Sebamed Foaming Cleanser Facewash, it has literally stopped my skin breakout and it is very gentle on skin, maintains the pH level and helps in soothing skin and improving skin complexion.

I would definitely recommend you to use it as it is suitable for all skin types.

So, you should choose the facewash accordingly and Stay tuned as I have a lot of blog posts planned ?

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