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Beginners guide to heels – must haves in your wardrobe

Hello, my wonderful readers,

There are two types of girls in this world – sneakerhead or heels lover, well only some rare ones are a combination of both!

So, when it comes to heels, anyone can go crazy as there are literally tons of designs, types and variants, I guess every girl should have basic knowledge about heels, well if you don’t understand the difference between peep toes and pumps, not to worry as I am here to guide you.

So, In today’s post, I will be talking about Heels – the types, designs and of course the ones you should have in your wardrobe.

Firstly, let’s talk about the type of heels available in the market:

  • Stilettoes – these are basically long pointed heels, they are most uncomfortable for wearing too long and it can even cause damage to your foot in the long term of your life. These shouldn’t be worn every day as they are risky. They are the highest heels, up to 8 inches.
  • Pumps – these are basically little broad heels than stilettoes, so they are comfortable. Pumps have low cut around the foot, are around 2-3 inches in height and are mostly for parties and formal events.
  • Kitten heels – these are basically heels just for namesake as they have very short heel size and so, it doesn’t actually give you a heightened look but rather they’re worn by ladies who aren’t quite comfortable wearing heels but wants to wear it with dresses to enhance their look, even when you have to work or walk around a lot and comfort is what you’re seeking than this is the one you should choose.
  • Wedges – these are basically flat style height heels, they’re very comfortable and can be worn every day. Wedges can be worn for parties, casual events, office and a lot more.
  • Peep toes – as the name suggests, these heels have a small open space in the front side with which one can peek at your toes, they’re the least favourite kind of heels amongst girls although they’re comfortable as well.
  • Heel boots – these are just normal boots but with heels, they’re comfortable and mostly worn during winters. They definitely look very edgy and there are lots of different heel sizes available in these boots, so you can go for whatever you find more comfortable to carry around.
  • Block heels – these are basically broader heels, I prefer these most of the times and they’re my favourite as they’re very comfortable and the heel size is appropriate so, it doesn’t cause any risk of falling down.
  • Ankle Strap Heels – these are more secure as a strap is attached which goes around the ankle and locks it, they are comfortable and are varying in heel sizes. They are a perfect example of trendy yet comfy.

Now let me share about different designs in heels available in the market –

  • Colourful – these heels are available in all different sorts of colours in the market
  • Floral – floral pattern looks so pretty, they come in various smaller and larger floral prints
  • Striped – striped pattern looks best for formal events and they are
  • Glitter – glitter pattern is usually for weddings and parties, one can mostly see them in silver, golden, champagne colour.
  • Metallic – Metallic tones are incredible, they are well suited with almost everything. They can totally revamp your complete look.
  • Dual tones – dual tone pattern consist of two different colours, either contrasting or lighter/darker colour variant.

Now let’s talk about the four types of heels every girl should own!

I am sure each one of you must be owning at least one-two pair of heels, here by I will be sharing about 4 different heels that every girl should own and also, they won’t budge your pocket so, go ahead and check it!

1 – Golden Heels – once in a while we all come across wedding and other such functions in which we have to wear ethnic wear and obviously no other colour than ‘Golden’ can best suit with all your ethnic outfits. Also, when I mean golden, I mean champagne gold or light gold, not the absolute yellowish golden. I got my perfect pair of pale gold metallic heels from Steve Madden and also, make sure the heels are broad and not pointed as you definitely want to move around comfortably and don’t want to end up with foot ache in your saree or any other ethnic wear. You can get similar golden heels from anywhere.

2 – Transparent Black Heels – Transparent heels are so in trend, although most of you might not like having full transparent heels and so, this one is just a perfect blend of black yet transparent. They are very comfortable to roam around, you can do almost every work in them and well, they can be paired with most of your outfits be it formal, semi-formal, casual, party wear. In short, one perfect pair of heels = got it all covered. This pair of heels are from Nupie Brand and I got it at a steal deal price, Sheh I won’t reveal! 😀

3 – Red Stilettos – Red is a bold yet beautiful colour, apart from the normal black/white one should definitely have a bold colour like Red in the closet as it is perfect to bring out the pop in any dull outfit. Red can redefine any look, these are actual stilettoes and I only opt to wear them for shoots and parties as they are pretty uncomfortable. I got these sexy pair of heels from Club factory, at first I was hesitant to buy from the site but then I took the risk and I got it at an affordable price, the quality is great and I am happy with my purchase.

4 – Silver Block Heels – a metallic pair of heels is a must have, it not only adds class but also steals everyone’s attention. There are many metallic colours available, but I feel silver is one elegant colour and It’s my favourite colour too! I got the block heel as it is really comfortable and one can walk, work, dance and do anything without any fear. It can be paired with party wear, formal dress, ethnic wear.

So, if you’re planning to add heels to your wardrobe now you know which one you should get it!

Also, I have a lot more heels in my collection as there can never be enough of heels for girls but here, I have listed about the necessary ones that every girl should own. Do comment about your favourite heels!

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By Riddhi Jhala

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  1. this is a wonderful post, My favourite ones are the silver block heels.
    Thanks for sharing the information on heels, Much needed
    I already follow you and love your work! keep it up

  2. Heels and footwears are my thing!! I am such a footwear hoarder!! I love kitten heels, wedges, stilettoes and even flats!!! ThIs is a wonderful guide

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