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A complete guide to LASIK eye surgery – my experience, facts, pros, cons, procedure.

Hello guys, 

Life is too short to wear Nerdy glasses or Boring clothes!

As I have stated in the previous post that I underwent Lasik Eye surgery & Since many of You have been asking Me about My experience & other such details regarding Lasik. So, This post is all about It.

P.s – It is a Bit Lengthy & tiring Post,
So, If you aren’t acquired to Reading long stuff, Go back, I won’t Mind.
& This post is especially for people Going for Lasik or who wants to know about it!
So, Go ahead!
Also, It has been one & half month now & I am feeling Super Happy as I have finally got freedom from My Nerdy Glasses & I have Crystal Clear vision After Lasik! Yayyy

Last Selfie with Specs!

So, As the word ‘Surgery‘ comes people tend to get tensed immediately But Trust me there’s Nothing to worry about & this one finished in around 15-20 mins, It was super quick & I did not even felt an inch of pain & the Best part, It was all Painless, time relevant & totally Safe procedure.

I had stable numbers in both eyes from last 3yrs & I have never worn lens. So, Undergoing Lasik was on my mind since a long time & Finally, I did put the thought into action & Completed the Surgery.

Two months ago, I had my eye examined, as to check if the surgery was operable on me & Yes! They gave me a green flag to go ahead.

I got my appointment fixed & within No time I waved goodbye to glasses at Ahmedabad Eye Laser Hospital.

If you want to go for a Lasik surgery,

You should imply with some Basic Guidelines like :

– You must be at least 18yrs old.

– Your Numbers must be Stable.

– You should not have any disorders such as Cataract/glaucoma.

– You should not be pregnant or breastfeed condition.

The Lasik surgery can be done in two different ways –
1- Blade
2- Bladeless (Femto)
The blade one is a bit Risky & I wouldn’t suggest anyone go for that,
New & latest Femto-Lasik which is Precise, Safe & gives Superior result is what you need to go for.
The Femto laser cuts the flap of the eye with precise size, shape & depth with a targeted laser, unlike the blade one which may create uneven or incomplete corneal edges.

Although, the Femto-Lasik may cost more than the Normal LASIK blade surgery I am Sure It may not be Costing more than your Vision & No one would try Risking it with their precious eyesight.
So, Femto-Lasik is Best, Risk-free & Absolute Precise Surgery.
I hope now You guys know Which surgery to go for yourself & the difference between ’em.

*ADVANTAGES of Lasik Surgery :

–Lasik is precisely done with Computer guided equipment & gives superior results.

-Lasik can be used to correct almost all types of refractive errors.

– It is totally painless, Very quick & doesn’t affect your health & I can’t even ask for anything more!
– After completion of the surgery, Vision is regained in short time of around 2hrs & you can continue your daily routine life within two days, Ain’t that super duper awesome?

* DISADVANTAGES: You need to take care a lot.

– There are less than 1% chances of error in surgery.

– Post surgery you will be given eye drops which you need to follow up for around 1-2 months, based on your doctor’s guide. (I was given 3 drops, which I had to follow up 3 times a day)

– You need to Go for regular Checkups as & when the doctor guides.

– On the surgery day, after completion of surgery you need to take absolute Rest &  Just sleep as you cannot do any other task & need to keep ya eyes closed!
I’ll say Keep dreaming.

– Lasik surgery is Quite costly, & most people Stick to glasses & lens, Just cuz it Isn’t affordable. Well, expensive is a major drawback.


– I went around 10mins early from my appointed time.

– They checked my current number precisely.

– I was made to sit outside the operation theatre & given instructions regarding the things I need to follow during & Post-surgery.

– The staff was super friendly & they guided me everything, & made me super confident that everything will be fine.

– They gave me a Box containing Several eye drops & told me the procedure, timing, etc.

– Thereafter my eyes were cleaned & they applied some drops before the surgery was about to begin & thereafter I was told to keep my eyes closed. As you can see in the picture below.

– After several mins, I was taken to the theatre &made to lie down & they clipped my eyes & Told me Not to move or blink! I was lying all stable & adhered.

– I was told to look into a twinkling Red dot, the laser beam came & did according to monitored guided by surgeon & Voila! It was completed in one eye, the same was repeated for another.

– The best part was that the procedure which was ongoing in theatre, everyone could see it Live outside. So, as my daddy had accompanied me, he was thrilled to watch it live!

– After the completion, they again checked my eyes & told me everything was super fine & now I can leave for home & take Rest!

– The surgery completed in No time, & they did give me clear glasses to wear if I go Outside as for some initial days I had to protect my eyes from dust particles.

– And let me tell you the worst part as well – you cannot wash your face or hair for at least a week! I had been through it, All oily face, But fortunately wet wipes did come to my rescue.

– This was all about It, I told everything in super detail now I hope you will not have any other doubt or query,
So, I am finally ending my long procedure here also, thanks for reading it till the very end! I know it must have been very boresome.

About Ahmedabad Eye Laser Hospital :

Ahmedabad eye Care Hospital is one of the Best & Leading centre & It provides Many services.
The Hospital is equipped with the latest technology & experienced talented surgeons & the quality standard is Superior & the staff is very friendly as they explain everything in detail & vanish the worry an individual has & help them to be Confident!

Talking about the hospital,
It is one of the Ahemdabad’s Best hospital equipped with latest Machines & they offer Eye as well as Skincare services by Super talented Surgeons.
My case was handled by Dr Harshad Prajapati, I must say he did Best & I owe Big appreciation to him for my Crystal clear Vision.
You can connect to Hospital,
Here at

Ahmedabad Eye Laser Surgical centre: 6-B, Devang Park, Panjrapole char rasta, Polytechnic, Ahmedabad-15. Phone: 26306878, 26307878

Hope, this post helped you.
If you still want to ask me anything regarding LASIK, you can Mail me without any hesitation.
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