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2018 Accessory Trends You Need To Know!

Hello, My fashionistas!

We all have our personal taste be it in fashion, food, music or any other thing, isn’t it?

I believe we don’t need to go by the fashion game but just stay neat in our style and that will really stand out from the crowd.

So, as you know there are trends which rule the fashion runway from season to season,

In this post, I will be talking about the Accessory Trend list of 2018.

You must have already seen some of the trends on your Instagram feed lately, fret not if not as I will be telling you all about it, Read the post!


  • Matrix sunglasses/Microsunglasses I literally feel in the future we’re gonna regret this trend, I’m not at all crushing on ‘em micro sunglasses but I have seen almost every fashion blogger trying this hyped trend, I do not even feel like trying! it doesn’t suit every face type and doesn’t protect/cover eyes as well! they are just for the sake of fashion, not at all worth it!

  • Straw bags/basket bag the straw bags look adorable, they are even customised with pom poms and cute things! they look stylish with almost every type of attire, how chic! They are also available in many different size and designs, although they don’t have lots of space they’re good to hold bucketful of your essentials! So, make sure you get one of this straw bag and carry it around looking elegant!

  • Fringe bag – fringes have been trending since long now, I feel they are here to stay for quite a while! I love fringes and

I spot fringes in almost everything be it footwear, clutch, dress and even lehenga, Yes and I’m absolutely going gaga over the statement it creates!

Just swing around taking your fringe bags!


  • Transparent Bag This one is my favourite! I love how cool and classy it looks. If you aren’t comfortable with full transparency then there are different variation in bags available which have another mini bag inside the outer transparent bag, It is perfect and looks absolutely cool!


  • Fanny bag – all the trends are just surfacing back from the past, isn’t it? this is one such trend, even high-end designer brands like Dior are giving in to this trend and they have launched Exclusive Dior fanny and saddle bag, I love it!

Check it out here if you haven’t still seen the bag:

You can style it with your casual top and denim to even dresses, stay tuned to my post as I will be posting my version of style soon.

  • Baker hat – all the trends are taking a U-turn from past, baker hat is one such trend, it is tough to style baker hat but with the correct outfit, it will really look amazing! Though I feel this trend is about to get dissolved and won’t stay long! I haven’t tried this trend yet but maybe you’ll see me in the nearby future, keep guessing!

  • Double buckle belt – I love how it uplifts look of any outfit just by pairing it with the belt! I am absolutely crushing over the belt, it looks amazing! Even the single buckle belt looks wonderful!

You can pair it with a plain coloured dress or basic outfit and It’ll really add 50% glamour in your look!

  • Hoop earrings I had different coloured hoop earrings in my school time although, that time I wasn’t much into fashion so, the hoops were just another thing lying in my cupboard, now is the time to play styling with the hoops and up fashion game. I love how we can experiment with different sized hoops, I like medium size hoop, I’m not a fan of over-sized hoop earrings.

so, without any further ado, get yourself a pair of hoop earrings if you don’t already have it.

 This is the time to go high on quirky sunglasses, bag and other accessories,

Let your accessories make a style statement for you!

Let me know If you want to buy any of the above accessories!

Picture Credit: Pinterest, Shein and Google.

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